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    Smart Communication Team


    Dr Basil Springer (Barbados)



    Izham Khairuddin (Malaysia)



    Martin Dlamini (Swaziland)



    Fred Opolot (Uganda)


    United Kingdom

    Joe Clarke (UK)

    John Hutchinson (UK)

    Dr Andrew Taussig (UK)

    Joseph Fernando (UK)

    Rebecca Wilson (UK)

    Peter Holman (UK)


    Armando Muiuane

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"Moving Forward - Global 2011 and beyond – Building on Smart Values, Smart Ideas and Smart Delivery"

Monday 22nd -Wednesday 24th August 2011 (2pm – 3.30pm London UK time)

The purpose of the three Think Tanking Dialogues is to take forward some of the issue highlighted at Global 2011 LID (Malaysia, June), and to enhance the Implementation of CPTM Smart Partners’ Initiatives (National Visions, Financial Inclusion, Quality & Standards, Innovation & Technology).

The Dialogues/Teleconference will invite special guests through, webcasts and podcasts organised by the CPTM Smart Partners' Hub. I hope that through these Dialogues, the essence of exposure through Socio-Economic Transformation through Delivery, offered by the Malaysian Government to all the participants in Global 2011 LID.

I would like to recommend that all the participants in the Dialogue might wish to review the web link suggested under each theme (Smart Hints & Reading Tips), as well as the ‘Highlight & Glimpses’ Global 2011 LID document. Please visit to read the document online.

 Monday 22nd August 2pm - 3.30pm (UK Time)


This discussion will explore three important and interlinking issues. Approximately 30 minutes will be spent on each topic, with a five minute intervention from a specified Smart Partner on each.

-Food security (and the government policy on this)


-New technologies (bio and electronic e.g. biotechnology/seeds/genomes/artificial insemination/ packaging/ nanotechnology/ transportation/ communication technology/social media))

Webcast with Chief Executive Officer of Lonrho, Mr Geoffrey White, and Sir Richard Needham, Non Executive of Lonrho


Part 1                                                                Part 2


Tuesday 23rd August 2011 2pm - 3.30pm (UK time)


The Dialogues/Teleconferences will be an opportunity to discuss various National Visions within the Smart Partnership Movement, whilst Generating ideas about Transformation and Delivery. What is socio-economic transformation and what are its characteristics?

Malaysia - LID 2011 was an opportunity to showcase Malaysian progress towards their Vision 2020. Their current phase, 1Malaysia, is a Programme on Transformation and Delivery.

Botswana - Vision 2016, which has been a goal since 1996 has shared its progress through the Botswana Vision Council at Smart Partnership Dialogues. In the last two years, it has engaged Batswana at the district level through the Smart Partnership Links: youth, faith and tradition, focusing on agriculture. Every year throughout September, the Vision Council celebrate the year's achievements in a district of Botswana. Vision 2016 is a platform for transformation and delivery.

Seychelles -Carrying forwardVision 2020 took on a new lease of life this year when a National Dialogue took place in March, accompanied by the launch of the National Development Strategy and a visual exposition of the potential outcomes of the Vision, EXPO 2020.

Swaziland - The focus on 'Tradition and Modernity' has pervaded discussions around Swaziland's Vision 2022. Each year they hold a national dialogue, using Vision 2022 as a base for further discussions on socio-economic transformation. They approached Swazis at the district level over the last two years, through discussions on social issues. Swaziland is working towards transformation from within through social transformation and development.

Namibia - Action towards Vision 2030 has conducted through ongoing promotion of the Smart Partnership practice, both in the Government, private sector and informal settlements. The Government, the Central Bank (with its financial strategy that includes financial inclusion) and the National Standards body (which focused on quality and standards to describe quality of life) have provided platforms for discussions on achieving Vision 2030.

Mozambique - Vision 2025 is a goal that has been approached through the current Innovation Movement, which was launched in March of this year. After the first National Dialogue, Mozambicans will be engaged at the district levels later on this year.

Zimbabwe, Lesotho and Cameroon - Are all at differing stages toward their national Visions.

Wednesday 24th August 2011 2pm - 3.30pm (UK time)

SMART COMMUNICATION THROUGH TRANSFORMATION -Building on Smart Values, Smart Ideas and Smart Delivery'

In this session we wish to focus on the questions of: i) What is Social Media? Ii) What are the issues? The way we will approach the topic is to consider social media as smart communication for transformation. The aim is to develop a platform for ongoing think tanking and sharing of ideas on how transformation and delivery can benefit from the Smart Partnership approach. There are three dimensions to the Dialogues/Teleconferences of Smart Communication which we wish to discuss:

· Smart Communication - impact on media, economic development, agriculture and Visions

· Social media in terms of impact on hierarchical structures and networks (including cyber security and linked to the transformation of government structures)

· Current and Communication future technology