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Issued by the Smart Partnership Movement from the Smart Partners’ Hub, 63 Catherine Place, London SW1 6DY, UK.  








Enhancing  for Socio Economic Transformation

Towards Global 2011(LID)......

Global 2009 (Munyonyo) Think-Tanking Dialogue Munyonyo, Uganda (EAD)

His Excellency President Museveni with his colleagues envisaged 2009 Dialogue to be the biggest Think-Tanking for the Smart Partnership Movement ever. Indeed, about 800 Smart Partners from about 40 countries actively participated in the largest Think-Tanking and  Dialogue; Think-Tankers were grouped around 50 tables and their thinking was synchronised through their shared stories and insights on transformation issues! The Think-Tanking dialogue was free of sectional interests and was inclusive. A framework for implementation was put together.

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Global 2008 Southern Africa International Dialogue/“Mulungushi” Dialogue, Lusaka, Zambia (SAID)

The principle, format and spirit of Smart Partnership dialogues are something familiar to Zambian traditional practices. They are like Zambian community gatherings at “insaka” or “indaba”. These have been held in Zambia from time immemorial. Smart Partnership dialogues are platforms where participants, who become Smart Partners, discuss various issues related in particular to development. click here for more

Global 2007 Langkawi International Dialogue 2007(LID)

The human dimension of Poverty Eradication, the main focus given to the 16th Smart Partners’ International Dialogue in Langkawi, by our host patron and adviser HE The Hon Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Prime Minister of Malaysia, gave us more depth and real life experiences than ever before. click here for more

Administrative Arrangements for Global 2011(LID) click here for information from Malaysian LID Secretariat


Smart Partner Organisations taking a prominent role in the Global 2011(LID)  Smart Partnership Dialogue (temporarily linked)/Commonwealth and beyond






High Commissions in London


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Issued by the CPTMSmart Partnership Movement from the CPTMSmart Partners’ Hub, 63 Catherine Place, London SW1 6DY, UK.