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    Rebecca Wilson (UK)

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    Armando Muiuane

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19TH – 21ST JUNE 2011, PUTRAJAYA, Malaysia


Friday 17th June

To share the Malaysian experience of dynamic, focused development is to share the very essence of Smart Partnership, CPTM Chairman Tan Sri Datuk Dr Omar Abdul Rahman stated, before the start of the Global 2011 Smart Partnership Dialogue here in the heartland of the Malaysian government. This is Putrajaya, the purpose-built new capital of Malaysia’s administration and a concrete-and-steel outcome of Smart Partnership approaches literally in the field – this entire city was just open land and smallholdings 25 years ago. This is a city through which Malaysia conducts much of its domestic business and world affairs but it’s unlikely ever to have witnessed anything quite like this Dialogue.

In this Dialogue we experience an informal and enlightened coming together of many of the smartest minds and richest experiences in the world, all focusing on fresh ways to progress the priorities of social and economic transformation for developing nations everywhere.

Organised and hosted by the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs alongside the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, this Dialogue comes in a very different format to the 19 previous international Dialogues that have helped shape the CPTM Smart Partnership Movement since the first, back in 1995 on the beautiful Malaysian island of Langkawi. Less informal and more structured in terms of showcasing the developmental progress of Malaysia, Global Dialogue still honours past smart achievements by maintaining the title ‘Langkawi International Dialogue’, or LID, even though we are 400km to the south-east and in a severely contrasting urban environment.....

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