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Driving sustainable economic growth

CPTM’s purpose is to work with Commonwealth countries through inspiring and implementing the scientific, technological and commercial innovation which will generate long-term wealth creation and prosperity for their people.

Countries can achieve remarkable economic transformation, sometimes within less than a generation. Progress has invariably come through bold measures in policy reform, technological innovation and infrastructure development that can boost key sectors of the economy. The benefits of this can be widespread amongst the populace and countries do not require excessive borrowing to achieve this.

Marco Hausiku, Deputy Prime Minister of Nambia, with CPTM 29ers, Tanzania Dialogue 2013


“To become the leading agents of change in harnessing technology, science & innovation for creating long-term wealth and prosperity”.


“To connect member states, high performing economies, businesses and subject matter experts into ‘Smart Partnerships’, so that informed decisions are made to fast-track economic growth; identifying opportunities, eliminating structural inefficiencies, and ensuring a spread of financial security, to be enjoyed by all.

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