Who we are?

The Commonwealth Partnership for Technology Management (CPTM) is a unique International cooperative organisation among Commonwealth Governments, the Private Sector and Professionals, Labour, Media and Academia dedicated to promoting Technology Management as part of the overall process of Economic Development and Wealth Creation.

While all the Commonwealth Governments are members in their own right, Private Sector membership is not so restricted, and CPTM has Private Sector members and Networkers located in over 50 Countries around the world. CPTM was created by Commonwealth Heads of Government (CHOGM) in 1995, as the successor to the Commonwealth Consultative Group on Technology Management/Private Sector Partnership (CCGTM/PSP) established in 1989 - also by CHOGM.

What does CPTM do?

CPTM has a clearly defined mandate to provide advisory services to Governments on matters that relate science & technology to economic development and wealth creation through sound management of technology, using Public/Private Sector Partnerships. This is achieved primarily in two ways: through International Smart Partnership Dialogues and through Networking and Partnership Development.

Smart Partnership International Dialogues.

While there are many institutions running international conferences around the world to promote greater understanding of technology, economics, regional co- operation etc, CPTM's International Dialogues are unique events:

  1. they bring together Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ministers, Civil Servants, Representatives from Labour and Business in a single forum with a single format applied equally to all participants.
  2. the format is dialogic with Presidents sitting at the same table as others and sharing in group participation and solution finding.
  3. the dynamism of the Dialogue creates a rare atmosphere of camaraderie crossing status, political and ideological boundaries.
  4. Dialogue creates friendships and bottom-to-top networks which can produce international joint ventures with rare political goodwill.
  5. these friendships and networks continue the dialogue well after the initial event.

Country Tasks, Networking and Partnership Development

To assist Commonwealth Governments and Businesses to undertake specific "projects" based on sound technology management. Tasks undertaken vary widely and range for example from long-term Government Visions, "clean" Waste Disposal, control of Coastal Erosion, to assessment and award of Quality Management ISO qualifications, through National Hubs and Regional Webs.