CPTM is a cooperative networking organisation with the Smart Partnership Hub in London as its home.

The Company

CPTM, as a Commonwealth organisation, derives its mandate from the Commonwealth Heads of Governments. To keep in touch with the developments in the Commonwealth the Secretary-General appoints from his office a liaison officer. CPTM, as a company, submits the policy of the Board and the annual financial accounts to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for approval by the members.

CPTM Ltd is structured as a not-for-profit organisation, limited by guarantee and without shareholding. CPTM Ltd has three categories of members: Commonwealth Governments, Private and Public Sector Members (Businesses and Institutes) and Networking Members (Private Persons) and each group is represented in the Board of Directors of CPTM Ltd.

The Movement

A distinction should be drawn between CPTM Ltd, the legal entity with the executive staff, and the wider network of members who form CPTM at large. CPTM maintains a large informal network with professionals and leaders in business, government, research and civic society who are not formally members of CPTM that can provide members with access to the highest levels of advice and experience.

In a way ‘CPTM – The Movement’, a global network organisation and its way of operation for the development and transformation of the emerging economies in the Commonwealth and beyond, represents the true aspiration of CPTM and its way of operation for the development and transformation of the emerging economies in the Commonwealth and beyond.

“Our cultural family – with its shared values, commitment to a common purpose, and capacity to work together – has something to offer in a troubled world.”

HE Mr Yoweri K. Museveni
President of Uganda

The Smart Partners’ Hub

CPTM has a unique asset in the form of the Smart Partnership Hub in London. The Hub is both a physical as well as an organisational asset, with a ‘Library of ideas’, a ‘Chat Room’ and a room for Networkers. The ‘Engine Room’ houses a small staff that helps to keep the Smart Partnership Movement connected and on the move. The Hub is located in the very heart of London, where it offers a welcoming place for all Smart Partners and Fellows to dialogue, learn or network.

The Members

The three categories of members form a cooperative framework to carry forward CPTM activities. Governments in the Commonwealth are members through the appointment of a CPTM government representative, but not all of the them are actively involved or contributing financially. CPTM espouses the philosophy of ‘smart partnership’ in its activities whereby the providers and receivers of advice both benefit.

The principle on which a networking member will operate through CPTM Ltd is that the member will give his/ her time freely and without a fee (though expenses may be paid); and does so for the benefit of the countries receiving his/ her services, and in his/ her turn benefits from experience. This is known as the principle of ‘cooperative resourcing’ and applies equally to individuals and the public and business organisations represented in CPTM. During any such period of cooperation a member will observe the conditions of the CPTM Code of Ethics (established in 1996).

The CPTM Companion Awards

The Board of Directors of CPTM is empowered to bestow the honorary title of Companion of CPTM on persons closely associated with CPTM that have made an outstandingly valuable contribution to the movement and CPTM. The title is the highest award and was for the first time awarded in 2002. Companions represent the links to the achievements and heritage of CPTM.

The Fellows

CPTM Fellows are Heads of State and Government in the Commonwealth and eminent leaders from industry and the academic world. The Fellows are Champions of CPTM and actively support and develop the concept and practice of Smart Partnership and provide strategic guidance and advice. They serve in their personal capacity a voluntary basis. They meet as a group from time to time to exchange views on any matter they wish to consider, acting as a ‘sounding board’ for CPTM.

They oversee the Smart Partnership Movement, in particular the international Dialogues and the Endowment Fund which they initiated. The Fellows do not have a formal role in the CPTM organisation and a Fellow does not have to be a member of CPTM. The Fellows are only accountable to themselves and they have the exclusive right to invite a person to become a ‘Fellow of CPTM’

The Endowment Fund

Once CPTM was set up as a separate corporate entity in 1995, it became ineligible for financial support from the overall Commonwealth Secretariat budget and had to establish its own financial mechanism. Its operations have since been funded by voluntary contributions of a number of Commonwealth governments and private and public sector corporate members.

However, CPTM has always suffered from a lack of an adequate level of working capital and as a result liquidity problems have been a perpetual threat to the operational continuity. In 2002 two Fellows of CPTM, HE Mr. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, President of Uganda and the Rt. Hon.Tun Dr Mahathir, then Prime Minister of Malaysia initiated the idea of an Endowment Fund to provide robust financial support for CPTM.