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Emerging Digital Landscape Initiative

“The Smart Partnership Movement is showing that a tailored use of technology in strategic partnerships can……create a smarter, cleaner, wealthier Africa, from which all of us will benefit”

Bill Clinton,
Former President of the United States of America

Mihaela Smith (CEO, CPTM); Tan Sri Dr Omar A. Rahman (CPTM Chair) former Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of Malaysia; Barry Faure (CPTM Director), Former Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Seychelles

Launched in 2007

The Innovation & Technology Inclusion initiative, now the Emerging Digital Landscape, was launched in 2007 to provide access to future technology trend spotting. Topics include Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, nanotechnology, and supercomputing….

Events have included

  • Mozambique: Launch through a National Smart Partnership Dialogue; regional dialogues in three regions (2011, 2012).
  • Zimbabwe: 2nd Nanotechnology workshop (2013); Launch of national Innovation, Science & Technology Policy (2012), working visits to Manchester and Oxford Universities related to graphene, nano-technology and supercomputing (2011, 2012).
  • Southern Africa: Emerging Nanotechnology Hub (2012, 2013).
  • Caribbean: Dialogue of Innovation, Trinidad (2013); Smart Communication video series on entrepreneurship, accreditation and quality (2012, 2013).
  • UK: Interactions with Manchester University and the Manchester Centre for Mesoscience and Nanotechnology on procurement, smart specialisation, nanotechnology and virtual manufacturing, Inngott (2013).
  • USA: Interactions with Government Accountability Office, NASA, Technology Assessment & Foresight (2012, 2013).

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