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National Visioning

In addition to our main Dialogues, which are international gatherings, we arrange more focused Dialogues tailored for individual member states. In these instances, we use the Smart Partnership philosophy and local Smart Partners networks to help countries develop their own National or Regional Visions.

“A Vision for a country cannot be narrowly economic, it must be about building and constructing a society…It must speak about the spirit and ethos of society.”

The Honourable Dr Kenny Anthony,
former Prime Minister of St. Lucia.

Grass-roots Up

Visioning Dialogues have occurred in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean. and Malta in the Mediterranean and have materially contributed to published national visions.

The process follows consultation from the grass roots level upwards, and an in-country task force is created to ensure all sections of society have input. In some countries these taskforces have been consolidated into permanent institutional structures

National Visioning process St Lucia, 2012
Former President of Botswana, Ketumile Quett Joni Masire, GCMG

An example from Botswana

The national vision process will often clarify the type of society people want, as opposed to a ‘development plan’, which is the mechanism by which this is achieved.

In Botswana, the Vision 2016 was based on former President Sir Ketumile Masire’s question; “What type of society do we want to be after 50 years of independence”? There was then a very long period of consultation, and the responses converged towards seven “pillars”

  • An educated and informed society.
  • A prosperous and innovative society.
  • A compassionate society.
  • A safe society with a strong rule of law.
  • An open and democratic society.
  • A moral society.
  • A unified society.

Country Visions CPTM has assisted include:

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