Dr Tan Sri Omar

    Dr Mihaela Smith

CPTM was established in 1995, but it has older roots. To appreciate the unique position of CPTM, it is important to understand its roots, the way it has evolved over time, and the remarkable people that have made CPTM into what it is today.

The roots of CPTM go back to a network of civil servants in several agencies connected to the Commonwealth Science Council in the Commonwealth Secretariat in the 1980’s, who were concerned with the use of science and technology for development in the emerging economies.

It was believed that cooperation between the Commonwealth countries with their shared systems and values offered a unique opportunity to accelerate progress, development, and transformation. The approaches that were used in this informal professional network were the free sharing of ideas and resources, the use of ‘open dialogue’ to address issues of common concern and the concept that creating ‘public-private partnerships’ was the best approach to mutually beneficial development. The novel ways that were adopted in those early days became the forming principles of CPTM and Smart Partnership practice for limitless opportunities.

CPTM has evolved over time. Technology Management approach evolved from the transfer of technology and best practices to the use of technology as an agent for change and transformations. The concern for the environment evolved to a commitment to self-sustainability. In line with these evolving needs and insights, CPTM has developed a unique set of tools to contribute to the development and transformation of emerging economies. The CPTM approach is based on sharing of knowledge and ideas, ‘open dialogue’ and ongoing think tanking with all participants - creating partnerships with win-win situations.

But ultimately it is the Members that underpin the unique position of CPTM. They come from over fifty countries in the Commonwealth and beyond from all walks of life – Heads of State and of Government, ministers, civil servants, business and labour leaders, academics, artists and youth (Smart 29ers) and media, - who all share the same vision, values, approaches to practical problems and the same code of ethics.

CPTM members together create a powerful global network for communication and information exchange. The strength of this networking organisation is that the members communicate as ‘global citizens’ willing to share their experience without charge or constraints.

Two people that have been involved from the early days, and together with colleagues, have become the face of CPTM are Tan Sri Datuk Dr Omar Abdul Rahman, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Dr Mihaela Y Smith, Director at large and CEO.