Saturday 18th June Morning Session


Itís Saturday morning; the Smart Partners are gathering, and the immediate event - Malaysia-Africa Business Forum- which will precede the Smart Partnership Dialogue (LID 2011) itself, due to begin in the evening. Itís an appropriate sequence, since initiating and encouraging sustainable business contacts between Malaysia and Africa has been the cherished vision of the Smart Partnership Movement which began in Langkawi 15 years ago Arriving Smart Partners include the Vice-President of Uganda, HE Edward Ssekandi, seen receiving his Smart Partnership pin from CPTM Chief Executive Dr Mihaela Smith and CPTM Fellow Professor Tom De Gregori being welcomed by (among others) CPTM Fellow Sir Charles Masefield and CPTM Chairman Tan Sri Dr Omar Abdul Rahman.

Saturday 18th June Evening Session

When Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad spoke earlier today of barriers that block the simple movement between two groups of people, he spoke reality. This morning the inspirer of the Smart Partnership movement railed against the barrier created by the paucity of transport links between much of Africa and south-east Asia. Dr Mahathir urges the creation of a new air bridge linking these two powerhouses of development, a regular low-cost Air Asia-style flight that creates affordable and profitable services to benefit businesses and communities alike.

As if to prove his point, weary yet willing Smart 29ers from Africa arrive here in Kuala Lumpur this evening to embrace the vigorously informal launch of the 2011 Smart Partnership Dialogue.