AGM & Think Tanking Sessions...

This year, to encourage wider participation, CPTM is offering the possibility of participating in the AGM by virtually. Please note, Members attending the AGM in this way will not form part of the quorum; only Members attending in person, or by Proxy who attends in person, will form part of the quorum..

AGM and Think Tanking sessions will be broadcasted live via CPTM Website. We will provide instructions on how to take part; however, as noted above, Members attending in this way will only be able to take part and vote in the formal business of the AGM by appointing a Proxy to do so on their behalf.

Start Date

Nov 26th, 2018

Start Time - End Time

11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.(GMT)

Event Location

Smart Partners' Hub, London



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